what happens if I do not pay tax

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I have been married for 18 yrs . My husband is a risk taker and hardworking .

He tried to do several business but never could succeed . finally he bought 3 business properties at one time total worth of 1.2 million 11 yrs ago .

Again a failure so he has to walk away from one and have 2 left . Each year he has to pay 36 thousand dollars for those in taxes and insurance mortgages etc . from his pocket .

He lost his high paying job and has a job which pays only 115 K per year .

I am a physician started working 6 years ago and I ear a lot so started supporting theses properties for the past 6 years . Now I feel like we are wasting money . I want to sell it and walk away with loss . My husband is not willing to do it and want to continue these as long as we can until market improves which we both know is not going to happen .

So I want to separate my self from this . How can I do this . I do not want to divorce . I just do want to support wrong thing and can not convince him since I am the major money maker now he can not support these and if we both do not pay taxes what happens ?
If you (as a couple or as jointly responsible) don't pay due taxes, the penalties can range from a slap on the wrist, to garnishment and interception, all the way up to prison time.
So you want to reap the benefits of his success, without paying for his failures? Marriage does not work that way. Stop paying his bills and he will have no choice but to stop speculating.
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