H Visa What are the rules if I lose my job whilst on an H1B visa and Greencard question?

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I'm looking for some urgent reliable legal advice regarding my H1B visa status. My company is currently gong through some restructuring and if I lose my job I want to know what exactly this means for me in terms of my H1B status. I would be very grateful if someone could answer these questions.

1.) How long can I stay in the US if I lose my job and does the date I need to leave the country start from the day my employer dismisses me or from the day the INS is notified by my employer?

2.) I have a friend on an L1B visa who works for the same company. If they lose their job how long do they have before being required to leave the US? Are there any differences between the H1B and L1B visa status relating to job loss?

3.) If I do lose my job what can I do, if anything, to stay in the US and find another job?

4.) I have renewed my visa for the final time and it expires Oct 2010, therefore I have to leave the US or have acquired a Greencard by that point. Assuming I keep my current job and my employer sponsors me for a Greencard, are they required by law to pay for some or all of the Greencard application and acquirement costs?

5.) If I am in the process of applying for a Greencard and I then lose my job what does this mean in terms of my visa status and Greencard application? Will I have to leave the US and if so will it be possible to recover any application costs?

Many thanks for any help with these questions.
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