Criminal Trials, Hearings What are my Right at trial

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My trial is set for next month and I would like to know if I have the right to call the person who made a 911 call that brought cops to my residence and I was arrested for, do I have the right to get a copy of 911 tape and do I have the right to get the arresting officers work scheduled of date of 911 call because he said he responded and talked to me and my family and we never saw that officer, and finally evidence was booked into evidence locker 4 days after receiving it with no signature from person handing over the evidence to cop no signature from the cop what can be done please help
Do you not have a defense attorney?
I suggest you do not contact any potential witnesses or you may generate new charge for intimidating witnesses.
The other things you ask for are things that would be obtained in discovery by your lawyer.
Questions over mishandled evidence may be raised in court.
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