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What are my options?

Discussion in 'Other Legal Issues' started by AngryTenant, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. AngryTenant

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    I have a serious matter regarding the tenant's association board members. Specifically, I am dealing with a hostile president, who is causing me serious grievance in my property. I purchased a new vehicle that has quite some serious cost associated with it. In the past the tenant who parked next to my vehicle consistently damaged my car. I had written letters to the tenant requesting their care. Since that did not work, I put up a simple cardboard to protect my property. Since that time, the president of the tenant's board has deemed it a "fire-hazard". My family have been here well over 25 years and there have never been any fires. This is also a fact that numerous people in the past kept boxes or other items there. Today they were supposed to vote on whether or not I could keep the box against the side of my vehicle. I had waited to speak with them for over 3 hours. Not only didn't someone get me to let me know that I could present my case, but I also was completely ignored, with not so much as a call to let me know. The individual currently serving as president is seemingly acting well above the powers that were bestowed. As I understand this individual is supposed to represent the tenant's, and not act as if the tenant's owe her.

    Please help. I am not sure of what options I have. Is there a possibility to have this individual removed? Is there a possibility I can sue an individual board member if my vehicle is damaged?

    Help ASAP!!!

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