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I am just over 18, on Halloween night I was the "Ghost of Communism" I had a soviet hat, and uniform and a airsoft plastic pistol. That night I threw the outfit in the car and drove home. I was under the impression that my friend Jimmy, who owned the pistol, had taken it with him. This was not the case, the next day after arriving at school I opened my door and it fell out. As I had but 3 minutes till class I threw it in the truck and went to class. Turns out a freshman girl had seen the gun and informed the administration. Three squad cars surrounded my car, I was pulled from class, and despite the the administrator's and officer's claims that they didnt think I should be punished, they were required to by law.
I would like to know if the law required I be suspended for 5 days or if that was just school policy; and if it was required by law that I be issued a weapons charge or if that was the officers perogative. Can I get prayer for judgement and if so what exactly does that do? A friend of mine mentioned expungement, but I thought that was only given several years after the case.

p.s. The airsoft pistol was plastic and contained no batteries or bb's.
Get your parents to hire an atty

Schools and guns don't mix and DA's tend to be forced to always prosecute.
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