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Want to post pone civil case

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by BamBamCourtCase, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. BamBamCourtCase

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    I have a Case management conference this Thursday for judgment filed against me for breach of contract-not paying a loan... The other party is not willing to accept any reasonable offer since I am unemployed student on government aid... I think I should ask for a continuance.... for reason listed below.

    Tried to negotiate and just got a nasty attitude from the person I spoke to...
    No judgment has been placed against me yet. I'm trying to buy time not for the purpose of not paying, but to finish school and get work to pay... I'll probably be working by the end of the summer. I had perfect payment history and a 720 FICA score until I lost my job last year.

    I even called the plaintiff today to offer a small monthly goodwill payment for 6 months until I can pay more... They just threatened me...
    What file should I file to postponement asking for an extension till December so I can finish school and get work. I also had a Heart attack in February as well as been battling skin cancer.

    So what should I bring to court tomorrow? I won't have time to do much by then... I also have a feeling that the plaintiff may not show because they are in Northern California... Is there no way to postpone things so I can make arrangements to settle before a judgment is entered? That's what I want to avoid most!

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