Criminal Trials, Hearings Waiver of Speedy Trial

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My husband is facing very serious federal charges in the state of Missouri. We originally hired a so called good atty that specializes in his type of case. This atty did nothing and we terminated his services. On the last hearing from the first atty he advised my husband to waive speedy trial until we find another lawyer.
Upon hiring a new lawyer a motion to suppress evidence was filed in July of 06, the Prosecuter kept putting off her reply. It is now March and still no reply. Our new attorney doesn't seem to be concerned with the amount of time that it is taking them...and ny husband has been in jail for 1 year with no start of court proceedings.

And just today I called to see if there was any word and the attorney stated that the case was reassigned to a new person :eek: So that means MORE TIME.

I want the case back on a speedy trial, the atty states that once it has been waived ..that is this true...if not can you please advise as well as give a CAse Law:D
Ask your attorney for the law on this.

Then post it here.
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