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"Waiting2Exhale" (Statue of Limitations) Criminal Trials, Hearings

Discussion in 'Criminal Procedure, Criminal Court' started by choochoo, May 13, 2008.

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  1. choochoo

    choochoo Law Topic Starter New Member

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    :angel Calif.--- What is the "Statue of Limitatios" ????

    On a Felony (PC 459), (PC 666), (PC 496) and Misd. (HS M11550 (A), & (PC 594(B)(1) ?????

    And being I "Failed to Appear" for Sentencing, Due to Mis-Repesentation of Council (Public Pretender) and being "Denied" a Conflict Panel Attorney along with 1-Judge refusing my With-Drawal of Plea.

    I Honestly do not believe I should be Sentenced to State Prision for a Crime I did not commit, let alone the charges the D.A. trumped up and classified as Felony.

    Now, I deal with being a Fugitive from Justice.
    Define the word Justice;

    "JUST-US" : Written by the District Attorneys and Public Defenders of The Hi-Desert as a pact they secretly keep between them.

    "Someone Help Me Breath Again"

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Thread Status:
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