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Visitors harrasing US citizen Naturalization, Citizenship

Discussion in 'Green Card, Residency, Naturalization' started by anasir, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. anasir

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    I have a family member visiting my other family members on a visitor visa - Her sole reason to come to usa is to settle some family scores between her family and mine and to create trouble. I have taken an injunction against her not to come near my home but now she is going around the community and spreading rumors and false accusations.

    How do I stop this nuisance as I am getting daily calls from others trying to get 'my side of the story'. She has ruined my name and standing in my family and community but I have been keeping quiet.

    Any recourse or do I just suffer for 6 months in silence when her visa runs out?

    Desperate usa citizen

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