Criminal Trials, Hearings Violation - Harassment 2nd, want to enlist in USAF

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I'm looking for advice on what to do. I have a warrant for my arrest in New York. I was drinking in college and resisted arrest. I was charged with harassment in the 2nd (NY Penal Code 240.25). I got suspended from RIT for 2.5 years, and feel I have learned my lesson and am working to become a better person. I had to leave college a month before my court date and it's economically not possible for me to not return to New York to answer my charges. I tried calling the prosecutor (with voicemails) a couple of times and had no luck getting a response. I spoke to an airforce recruiter today and am def. going to join, but I can't with outstanding criminal charges.

I really am trying to stay away from illegal things. I've become a freemason, started community college, and am aspiring to become an officer in the USAF.

Please help!

Duly and truly,

Mikhail Nolan
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