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VA civil case. Wasnt my car

Discussion in 'Automobile & Car Insurance' started by rescue341, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. rescue341

    rescue341 Law Topic Starter Guest


    so i got a warrant of debt (barley the served it to a house i havent lived at in years) so the story goes about 2 years ago i borrowed my mothers car to go to a event my mother lived in a separate home from me and my father so i wasnt on her policy. I ended up backing in to a car i called my mother and she gave the insurace information to the people who i backed in to. 2 years later after hearing nothing else about the incident i got a warrant in debt. my qustions are

    1) my research shows that i should have been covered by my mothers policy under permissive use is this i viable defense for why i do not owe the debt

    2) due to my finacle situation i can not afford to trabvel the 8 hours to get to the court im being sued in. My reshearch says that in most cases like this i have to be sued in my home county. is this combined with the fact that i can not travle to the court good enough reason to ask for a change in vuenu

    3) worst case seniro i lose and they dont take a payment plan i believe in VA they can suspend my drivers license for failure to pay witch sounds like debtor prison to me but what does a EMT know about the law. if they suspend my licenses is it done by the court who i can ask for a restricted so i don't have to drop out of college or the DMV who says go die in a hole if asked for a restricted

    Thank you for the help
  2. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    That's right. Find out the insurance company name and policy number that your parents had on the date of the accident and report the lawsuit immediately. You'll be assigned a claim number and a claim rep to whom you can provide a copy of the lawsuit.


    You caused the accident so you do owe the debt but it's up to your insurance company to pay it on your behalf.

    That's for your insurance company to handle.

    That's not likely to be an issue since you were covered by insurance when you had the accident.
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  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    My scam sensor is going off.
    First thing I would do is verify that someone is actually suing me.
    It is very possible you are being scammed with official looking documents intended to persuade you to just pay what they ask.
    The manner in which you were served is very suspicious to begin with. Contact the court and try to verify some information. Don't use a phone number you find in the documents. Identify the court from the documents and look up your own contact number.

    Once you verify there is a legitimate lawsuit against you then worry about how to fight it.

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