Unreasonable Landlord?

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Hi I am from Georgia i have a statement to make and would like to have a response to it

WE rented a house that my brother-inlaw moved out of in october
we have no contract and the landlord is already trying to evict us
the rent is due the 1st of the month all of our rent reciepts are dated 10-01-01.......11-01-01........12-01-01.........we were 3 days late in november and was charged a late fee and now in december we were late 4 days but we talked to the caretaker not the owner(which by the way i have no idea who it is)and he said it would be ok to pay on the 5th.when we paid him on the 5th as promised he gave us our rent reciept and an eviction notice to vacate in 30 days i read the Ga. Law and it requires 60 days notice to a tenant at will , i feel we are being evicted unfairly
since he agreed to take the payment on the 5th.he said the owner wanted us out because she was afraid we would get behind on rent and not pay her........so in closing is there any advice on how i can keep my house legally........and should i seek a lawyer (would it be worth my time?)
I don't think that you need to hire a lawyer since the damages seem small. You may want to discuss the matter with the landlord and tell him that you demand the extra 30 days if GA law requires 60 day notice. A lease is the way you are able to rent the house for a guaranteed period of time. Without a lease, both you and the landlord can leave at will with appropriate prior notice. What I can tell you is that your landlord should be willing to give you the time because the eviction will cost him money... and he won't be able to charge you for attorney's fees if you are correct because he had no right to evict you at that time. However, you did have notice to termiate the arrangement and that may be sufficient.
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