Unacceptable Rent Raise! Help????

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I like say that I not very familiar with LAWs, now, I have a minor issue with my apartment rents. I like to find out more and like to find out any consequence for certain action.

I like to make this short. First of all, I live in NYC, Brooklyn. Currently, my family and I is renting and is living in a two families house/apartment building. We have lived here for over four years. There is no written(verbally only) lease offered for this rental. We pay by monthly and in a very normal base. However, three months ago, the landlady suddenly told us we needed to pay $1100 next month, up from $825. That was on the last week of August, 3 days before next month.

Obviously, we would not do what ever she wanted. We sugguested a meeting for rent negotiation. She rejected. After 1 3/4 months. She came to us, and told us one more time, "We needed to pay $1100 monthly rent starting next month". Again, that was on the last week of October, 2 days before the next month. We, again, suggested meeting for rent negotiation. She rejected one more time. But, after one or two weeks, she agree to negotiate.

Here are my questions:

I do not know if the house is under NY Rent Control law or NY Rent Stabilization Law. Anyone please let me know?
What would I benefit from these laws? Will these laws help or not?

What would be the best action for my family as the tenant to take?

If we refuse to accept that rental amount, what can she (landlady) do? What are the consequences for us (the tenant)?

Will she able to through us out, meaning force us to leave this place and rent some other places?

To begin, it is always a good idea to have a lease, otherwise your rental will typically be viewed as a "month to month" lease. This means that any party has the right to cancel by giving a one month notice prior to the beginning of any monthly rental period.

You are probably not in a rent control situation, possibly rent stabilized. Registration information is kept in the Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). See their site at:


You should call to find out if the apartment was registered. If you do have a rent stabilized apartment, your landlord was required to give you a lease and in giving you each new lease could provide for a new rental increase of a certain percentage. It would benefit you greatly if you were covered by rent stabilization law.
Thanks for the reply.

I am pretty sure this house is not rent stabilized. I will double check this with rent office in this area. But, if indeed the house is not under rent stabilization law, does this make the landlord or landlady can do what ever they want?? What are the possible actions the owner can do if I continue to pay the rent but refused to pay the increased amount? Or, if she wants my family out of the house, but we refuse to do so and willing to continue to pay the old rent amount, what can she do, in specific, what are the appropiate action she can take and what are the consequence for us? Please explain in step details.... Thank you very much!!!

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