unable to access funds with bank paycard

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I was unable to access my money with a bank/credit co paycard. I was in this bank and my card was being declined. They said the card had expired and they would need to send me a new card. The card I had been using had
an expiritation date of 9/10 and when I log on to view my account it states
the account is active and expiration date is 9/10. I needed my money right
then for bills that were coming out of my checking account. They are now charging me a $10.00 fee for a lost or stolen card. I did not lose this card and no one has stolen it. I just want to know if you are in the bank that issued the paycard shouldn't they be able to issue me my money out of that account even though they canceled the card and they know my funds are in that account because they are able to confirm it. They said the only way I could access this money was with the new card. I told them this card has to be placed with an account and if they are able to verify the money is in that account I should still be able to withdraw it out of their bank. They told me there was no way.

Is it possible to charge them interest for refusing to give me my money? I'm just curious because if I was late giving them their money on a credit card they would up my interest rate to 50%. I would also like to know if they are responsible for the fees that I will receive from my bank NSF. This is a new
type of card and I tried to look up the laws on this but most of the laws apply to a credit card and to be truthfull I am not educated in this area so
I'm not sure I understood what I read. This card was not something I requested my employer put all the employees on it. The add that come with the card promised no hassell at all. This card has been nothing but hassell if
nothing else can I not get them for false advertisement or for stressing me out over my bills being paid.

I had direct deposit in the past and never had a problem. These credit card companies and the banks have figured out a way to make sure they get money out of people even if they steal it and it doesn't matter who they hurt or whose finances it effects. They are alot like Doctor's ,there are way to many laws to protect them and I would like to know what law protects me. I would think if it is my money I would be the one in control of it. Not the bank/credit co that holds the account.

Is there anything I can do about this? I did read about a law on deposited funds I think section E and one on Expedited Funds Availability Act. I need someone with better knowledge to explain it to me. I'm sorry I am very upset
and I want to get even with the banks and credit card companies because while they are getting rich the little people's finances are in trouble.

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