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UK lawyers looking to work with US lawyers!

Discussion in 'Law School & Careers in Law' started by Andrew_Woolley, Dec 19, 2001.

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  1. Andrew_Woolley

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    I run a small, "virtual" legal firm based in England. We mainly deal with business law for small to medium sized companies: joint ventures, financing, commercial property and e-commerce.

    We cover the UK (of course), Spain (one of our commercial lawyers is based there) and the rest of the EU.

    I'm looking to make an informal association (with a view to a later full, formal merger) with a small US legal team. We can help each other with referals of work where the other's law is involved, i.e. US or EU businesses working in the other area. Between us, we can offer those businesses a full service.

    We can also help with Latin American businesses working with Spain.

    Let's talk!
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