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Trying to reinstate my license

Discussion in 'Drivers License, Vehicle Registration' started by Jkathary171, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Jkathary171

    Jkathary171 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    In May 2016 i was backed into. The person who backed into claimed that i was at fault but in reality i was at a dead stop when he backed into me. Anyways his insurance company suspended my license "security suspension" jan 6th 2017. In the mean time of this suspension taking place, i got a ticket for 2 wrong ways on a one way, speeding 40/25, failure to renew registration "expired tags", and then eventually after the suspension went into effect i got a driving under suspension and driving under fra. The driving under suspension and driving under fra i received on may 29th 2017. When I called the BMV last month I was told to pay all of the tickets, and the $270 reinstatement fee, and I would be able to reinstate my license. Now i receive a letter stating that my license will be suspended from Aug 10th 2018 to Aug 10th 2019 for not showing proof of insurance on the 40/25 speeding ticket I paid. My question is, rightfully, since my license were under suspension from Jan 6th 2017, until July 5th 2018, for not paying the tickets, does that not count towards the time of suspension for not having insurance? I understand I just paid the tickets, but shouldnt that time count or do i have to now be under suspension for all of these tickets individually since theyve just been paid. The security suspension from the accident was cancelled May 29th 2018. What can I do to keep them from suspending my license all over again????
  2. zddoodah

    zddoodah Well-Known Member

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    No it didn't. Insurance companies do not have the power to suspend drivers' licenses. Moreover, the BMV isn't going to suspend a driver's license simply because the driver got into an accident.

    So, basically, what you're telling us is that you have zero regard for driving laws.

    That you were driving on a suspended license does not relieve you of the obligation to carry insurance.

    I suggest you confer with a local attorney and start planning for a significant chunk of time without the legal ability to drive.

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