E Visa trying to get a E2 visa to go USA

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I am posting here for the 1st time.
here is my question, I have a bankrupcy in Canada and I just got my discharge on sep 2009. and My status in Canada is not a cityzen but permant resident. however I still am South Korean citizenship holder.

around this coming new year, estmated around feb of 2010, My family will get a funds ( money ) for me to get a E2 visa so I can go to US and start a new life. with all due respect and sorry for my ignorance knowledge, is my canadian bankrupcy history will effect the getting a E2 visa to go doing a business in US? while I apply from South Korea as Korean citizenship holder ?

I did some google search and could not come up with good answer at all
I really need some help. please help me with your idea or suggestion.

many thanks in advance
I can't say for sure but I believe it may. In general, it is said not to affect status but there are other factors (income requirements) that may certainly be affected. Are you saying that you filed bankruptcy and are then going to apply for an E2 with a few hundred thousand dollars cash for investment in the US?
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