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trespassing on a bar Property Invasion, Damages, Trespass

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by ba82, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. ba82

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    Last week i was visiting some friends in west palm beach in florida.

    We went out on the night to downtown to a club, after I had visited the restroom i couldn´t find my friends, so i was looking for them, after i while I went just outside to see if the went out. went i didn´t see them i tried to go in. One of the staff of the club told me that I couldn´t go inside again. I explained that my friends were in side and that i already had payed the fee to come inside. i had the stamp on my hand, as prof.

    whén the dont let me inside, I called my friends on the phone, but no answer, but after a minute the came outside to and sat down on a chair just outside the club. So i did the same just sat down next to them.

    Just a half minute later, I was in handcouffs, and draged away by two cops.

    As soon as I realised whats happend I just did as they wanted, i was very calm, i was not drinking, because i was driving.

    they tried to get me angry, but im a very calm person and dont gt upset so easy. When i was in the cop car, one of the officers opened the door and asked me where a lived, i answered ft. lauderdale. Then he shouted to me - f### you. and slammed the door.

    my friend where afraid to approach the cop car because they know that they can get in trouble by just be near. after about 10 minutes the cops go to my friends and brings them over. So th cops can ask them to ask me questions, like my name, birthdate. etc.

    after 45 minutes, i get a Notice to appear, juvenile rederral report on trespassing after warning and a court date.

    Now to my questions, I´m from sweden and dont now how everything works in the US.

    im going to the court. what can happen to me?

    im leaving the country 6 days after the court date.

    one friend told me that the just messing with me and if the cops dont show up at the court everything will be dismissed.

    The reason why the messing with me where that, when some other friends asked the cops when they where back at the club half hour after i left. they where laughing and bragging how the took a swede.

    im a little bit worried, because im going back to the US next winter to work again and im just now applying for the policeacademy in Sweden.

    thanks for all the help i can get!

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