Trading options for retail investors

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Say i want to start a new company which takes customer money and invest in derivatives in stock market in company Name.

IS it legally allowed to advertise derivatives to retail investors ? Do i need special permission from SEC ?

The idea is customer will tell me which stock derivative to buy on my website and we will buy it for them from corporate account. Is this possible ?
I have no idea and you need to speak to a securities lawyer. My guess is that you will have to comply with a set of laws. For you to take orders on your web site, you need to have legal documents that also set forth many rules and requirements, policies, etc. This is not a simple question.
If you are simply planning on executing trades by way of taking orders from third parties, you need to become registered as a broker-dealer through FINRA. However, if you simply wish to develop the website, it shouldnt be a problem finding a broker-dealer that would sponsor the site.
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