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I took out a loan with a tool company to buy tools to work in my field. While going to school I worked a job needing these tools. Tools were left at shop and toolbox was broken into on company property. I filed a police report of missing tools and informed tool company of tools. I paid my monthly payments and was informed by tool company employee that they where trying to help me replace tools. I graduated school and tool company did nothing. I got a job in field and did not need the tools but got laid off. I have had trouble getting jobs in field because of lack of tools that I can't afford to buy again with the loan. Is there anything I can do?
I assume you are asking if you can force the seller of the tools to replace them because you left them at a job site and they were stolen. You would need to look at your purchase/finance contract to see if there is such requirement but I doubt it. It is more likely than not that the Snap On or Mack contact states you are responsible for the merchandise, not the seller/financer.

Why did you not have the employer put in an insurance claim?

I do not have a solution for you unless your contract puts the burden of replacement on Snap On/Mack.

The tool company loaned you the money and gave you the tools. It is not their fault that they were stolen from your place of employment. You still owe them for the tools.