TN resident non violent felon restored voting rights wants to buy gun

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Hello and thanks in advance. I was convicted of a non violent felony more than 30 years ago. About 15-20 years ago I went to court to have my rights restored so I could vote (and assumed buy a firearm).
I have since registered to vote, voted & have a voter ID card but when I attempted to buy a firearm about 10 years ago I was refused.
I assume I was only given some sort of partial rights package and not a full restoration. What can I do to legally be able to purchase a firearm and obtain a carry permit?
I am disabled and on a very small fixed income, I'm in my 50's so don't qualify for any seniors legal help program, legal aid said they won't help or even answer any questions.
I know I could "find" a way to get a firearm, gun show, private sale, ect. I don't want to do that. I want to use my 2nd amendment right to own a legal gun.
Your citizenship rights restoration does not restore your firearms rights in Tennessee. State v. Johnson pretty much affirms that. As DisabledVet above mentions, to get your gun rights back you need an expunction. If you have a 15+-year-old, single, non-violent felony conviction, you probably do qualify.

More information here: (this is for Nashville, but the procedure is roughly the same everywhere in Tennessee).

You may wish to consult an attorney. There are plenty that advertise the services under firearm rights restoration.
Thanks for the info. I'll definitely read up on these. As for hiring an attorney, that's out of the question. As I stated, I'm disabled and my income is $813 a month and that's all the income I have to take care of my wife and I.
I am on my own with this unless I find some program to help or get real lucky and find a lawyer or even a paralegal willing to do it pro bono.
It's the only conviction I have, it was 30+ years ago and was conspiracy to sell drugs to an under cover agent. Basicly I knew somebody that had something someone else wanted. I was young and stupid and should have never gotten involved, but it definitely put me on the straight and narrow for sure.
Again, thanks for the help and I'll let you know where it goes.

Edit* I see this forum topic that relates to firearms but did not see anything titled "firearms rights restorations"
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