The Lunar Eclipse

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Michael Wechsler

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Some of you asked for a new "non-legal talk" forum and I have now provided it. As such, I will honor the new forum with the photos that I took of the lunar eclipse late last night. It was FREEZING cold but some of these shots were quite nice!


2:00 AM EST - New York, New York, Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010, taken just outside my apartment next to Central Park.
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I'm also on the left-hand side, but we managed to see it anyway thanks to a brief break in the cloud cover :)
I agree, they are great! We had cloud cover all night, so I missed it. Nice to see it second-hand. :)
We had a little cloud cover here in VA but the kids and I stayed up and saw the great view.
Great pictures! It was too stormy here to see anything. Thanks for sharing!
Great photography, what kind of camera did you use?

It was too cloudy for us down here, I missed the entire thing.
Thanks guys!!! On my way back home so I'll be catching up on everything I missed!

I used a Canon xSi Camera with the EF-S 55-250mm lens, just a kit lens. A good camera, not "professional" grade but I got some amazing shots. I'll share a few more, including another one I overlooked that I just love.

The cloud cover had me nervous. It was FREEZING COLD here in NY City. I went into Central Park at about 2am to get the best view as the moon was moving and blocked by buildings outside my apartment. I experimented with different settings since the ones I read about did not work nearly as well as they should have! Fortunately I got it right a few times and you can see how neat it was to have a rust-colored moon for one evening. There is no way I was going to hang out in the park for over an hour in 6-8 degree temperature with wind chill unless this only happens once in many years!! :D
Hey professional is in the pictures, not the camera, that's what I always said.

Best camera in the world would have done no good down here with the clouds.

Of course, what sucks is going through the 100 pictures you take to find the 10 that are worth showing!
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