The duties of Lay-Magistrates

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Does anyone know anything about lay-magistrates?
if so please put in a post.

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im a law student and im doing a bit of coursework on it and although ive finished, i just wanted to see what other people thought.
Is the term you refer one that originates in the UK/Ireland/Europe? I believe that they apply (laypeople) and deal with mundane crimes (like traffic violations) with the more serious ones, like murder, being passed upwards in the court system. There are 3 that sit on a "bench" at one time, like a mini-jury.

thanks for the reply lawmaster, its nice to know sumone is actually bothered to share their information.

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thanks evrybdy hu gave info, just 2 let u no, i got an A*, so thanks alot ppl.

I really appriciate that everybody takes their time to help. thanks lawmaster hu comments on evrything- r u a law master or wot?!

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Everyone on these boards is great, really helpful, many thanks!

PS Is there anything that the law master doesn't know about - surely it must take all day to reply to all these posts, are you legally qualified, barrister, solicitor, lawyer, ect?.

Great boards, really useful as reference material for school projects.

Grammar schools require you to 'read around the topic' to get to know more this is the ideal place to do it!

As our law teacher is away for a while, i may be visiting more regularly- thanks again!

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Is there anything that the law master doesn't know about- Any one know the answer?
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