The ads that are now showing up...

Thanks... I was lucky. Slipped while jogging and landed on my foot pointing inward. The irony - I was literally half way around the park and not near any motor vehicle access where I fell. Nor where there humans around. After a few moments of pain, I realized that lots of ducks and geese enjoy that area of the park and I surely didn't want to roll around in pain in the grass. ;) So I got myself up, counted my blessings that I didn't seem to have landed on a "pile" and didn't hear the sound that is pain to every athlete's ears (snap!) I trudged my way about a mile and change to the nearest primary access point and got a ride back home. While I had to take two days indoors without leaving the house, I'm glad to say that I'm up and around now, no breaks, just a cane for a few days for protection... and I'm not going to do any foot modeling for a while. :)
That's a house ad and I see those too in the sidebar. It is usually below something for the site like a top posters, top authors or something of that nature and should be completely unobtrusive. I think I created that during prior to or during President Obama's first term and I'm blind to it already... thanks.
I figured. I don't normally see it because of the ad blocker but I noticed that my blocker was blocking something.

But you are right it is in a position that isn't a problem.