Arizona Surprise bill

Csaba vadasz

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Hello everyone. I would like to ask a question about the new law called No Surprises Act
(2022 Jan 1st)
I had to have two hip replacement. The surgical Place run my insurance card and they said everything covered okay we did the first surgery. A day before the second surgery the insurance company called the surgical place and deny the coverage also said they denying the coverage for the first surgery because the surgeon himself was out of network. Until that point I have nothing else but approval letters more than once from the insurance company. Also I recorded audio when I'm talking to the representative of the insurance company and they insured me the second surgery approved. But now everything changed I will expecting a large bill from insurance company also from the surgical team. But I would like to understand how is the no surprises bill protect me.
Did you have a choice of surgeons ? IF not, appeal the claim! Many times they will work with you if you had no choice