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    If you are looking for support of any kind, whether it is technical, legal, personal, takedown requests - we have several support links on our pages that will help you with answers to frequent questions as well as submitting a ticket with our help desk. Please use the support system and do not post here. If you don't see the support link, here it us:

    Before Contacting Members or Posting on their Profile Wall
    In addition, while many of you "just have a question" that urgently needs to be answered (most of them are), please refrain from trying to contact members personally instead of posting on the forums. Doing so causes most members to remove their contact information from this friendly place in order to avoid dozens of emails, chat requests in instant messenger, and other.

    Posting your question on a profile is a sure way of annoying the person you hope will help you! Do NOT post there! Post your request in the forum and, if need be, add another message to your thread to "bump" the thread to gain attention. Do NOT do this unless significant time has passed, which means at least 2 business days. There are many questions here and it's possible yours just hasn't been reviewed by someone "in the know" yet.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.