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Superior Court Case (pro se)

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by IDEinc, Oct 14, 2006.

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    I filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court 10 OCT 06. This is a continuation of a case that was in the US District Court. The judge in the USDC assisted the defendants in going after a multimillion dollar contract using the information I had to turn over in discovery to the defendants. I filed a motion for the judge to recuse himself for putting my case on hold and helping the defendants go afte the government contract while I was not allowed to work on the case. He responded by dismissing my case and telling me to file in the Court of Federal Claims. The COFC said the case had to go back to the USDC and the portion of the case against the Air Force will go to the COFC.

    Instead of going back to the USDC, I filed in the Superior Court. There are 23 defendants, (corporations and individuals) some of which involve H1B visa holders who received information from a breach of a nondisclosure. When I filed a protest with the GAO, I was offered bribes. When I refused the bribes, the threats against me were carried out and I was blacklisted from government contracting.

    The court is in the process of serving six of the defendants. How long do I have to serve the rest, and what will happen next? Before anyone tells me I'm in over my head on this, please consider I've been in this case for four years and I'm not going to quit because of judicial corruption. No attorney will take this case because of who the defendants are. I was told I will never find an attorney in my area, and anyone outside of my area requires too much money. I either have to sink or swim alone. I choose to swim.

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