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Suing a residential program because I was abused there

Discussion in 'Other Legal Issues' started by Anna Loboda, Mar 22, 2019.

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  1. Anna Loboda

    Anna Loboda Law Topic Starter New Member

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    The name of the program is Yellowstone recovery. The owner of the program is named Honey. Her rehab has a contract with a prison and many people are court ordered. She blackmails the clients with legal issues and makes them work a lot for her. If they don’t live up to her perfectionistic expectations she constantly threatens them to kick them out and send them to jail for the slightest infractions like saying a curse word. This is psychological abuse. By the way, my criminal record is completely clean. I’ve never committed a misdemeanor let alone a felony.

    The staff were acting crazy. They wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom with the door closed and this is a violation of my privacy. As a mentally ill person I broke down and decided to leave. They cussed me out for my decision and called me every name in the book. Honey and the rest of the staff at Yellowstone held onto my stuff and tried to kick me out onto the streets to be homeless without even as cellphone. I have never been to Costa Mesa and knew no one in that town and I was supposed to find a hotel and navigate without a cellphone. They were setting me up to spend the night in the streets to be raped and/or robbed. I had to say I’m going to call the police in order to get my stuff back. Knowing I had no criminal records those felons knew I had an advantage over them. They got scared and gave me my stuff back.

    I am a mentally ill person with diagnosed illnesses. Honey humiliated me in front of all the clients and she traumatized me. For what? For saying a curse word and she never told me that was a rule before. She called me a pathetic piece of shit in front of everyone. Later on the other clients bullied me. They are a bunch of felons who spent time in prison and they’re just a bunch of bullies. They take it out on others and it’s not my fault they made their lives into a pile of shit. I said I was suicidal and needed to go to a hospital. All they did was continue to call me names and put me down. I still have ptsd about this. Then they just simply put me on the streets. The driver was verbally abusive to me and just dumped me on a sidewalk with my two suitcases and 4 full large bags. Being a mentally ill person I became suicidal and was taken a psychiatric unit. The program hurt me to the point where I had to go to the hospital and what they’ve done to me could’ve resulted in my death. They knew I that I am diagnosed with mental illnesses and that I was suicidal. They made the wrong decision putting me in danger and I am suing them for money and I’m trying to make them shut down if that’s possible at all.

    Also, I read a few sources that people are actively using substances in that rehab. The reviews are mostly staff members who are just trying to keep the programs ratings up.

    I for a fact didn’t do anything illegal. But those people have a bond and they will stick up for each other. As they took away my phone I don’t have much evidence unless a client speaks up. Can they frame me for some crime? They are a bunch of criminals.

    I was sent to that rehab for no good reason. I drank only a few times at Whole Life Recovery and they looked for mental health programs and said to every program they called that I’m primarily mental health. I did not abuse any drugs, I have no criminal record, it was only alcohol and I am of legal age to drink. Yellowstone recovery unfortunately answered first that they had a bed and Whole Life took me there immediately to just get rid of me ASAP. They did not do their job properly because they did not want to take the time.
  2. Highwayman

    Highwayman Well-Known Member

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    Good luck with your lawsuit.

    This isn't the place to rant, it's a place to ask questions and you asked none. At this point if you do have any questions ask your attorney.

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