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Storage and moving fraud

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by Mary_Shin, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Mary_Shin

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    Two and a half years ago I put the content of my home, a one bedroom apt and all personal belonging into storage with a company called Unicorn worldwide-UTG in Singapore. Last week I called to coordinate the move and the company no longer exist! Their contact information, telephone, email and website does not work. After some research, I found that the people who manage and operated the moving company has started up a trading company called Investra holding in the same location. My direct contact at the time of the move, Thomas Lim is listed as the legal representative to this company so when I contacted them they were hostile and would not give me any contact to Mr. Lim. I just want my personal belonging back. What sort of action can i take? Is there a legal entity that have documentation and information on this company. ie weather they filed for bankruptcy? I don't know where to even begin.
    any input would be helpful.
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