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Stolen debit card and missfiled paperwork

Discussion in 'Banking, Finance, Investments' started by Sibee, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Sibee

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    So I noticed some strange charges on my bank statement and I also noticed m debit card was missing so I went to the bank and reported it stolen. I did not bother disputing the charges made because I know according to the UCC I would have not been entitled to them because it was less than $50. So everything is fine for now, however two and a half weeks later i got my debit card in the mail I activated it and then check my online bank statement. I noticed more strange charges and then noticed they sent me the same debit card I reported stolen. I went to the bank told them the problem and they admitted fault. I proceeded to dispute the new charges because it was a bank error that they where allowed. during the conversation they asked if i had ever let anyone ever use my card. I say I may have let my girlfriend of 2 years use it but we live together and share everything financially and I knew she dint take it. Few days after the dispute m bank said they would reverse some but not all the charges because they could not confirm the card stolen. Furthermore they told me they will never reissue me another debit card. I'm vary upset that they cant get this right because of this fault I will accrue many late charges on top of the emotional distress i alredy have as a student. any advice?

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