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stealing 3 sums of money from a bank

Discussion in 'Banking, Finance, Investments' started by Mew259uu, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. Mew259uu

    Mew259uu Law Topic Starter New Member

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    While i was employed for a multistate bank, i had a co-worker who confided in me that she had stolen from the company. Once she deposited a loan payment into her checking account. I warned her she could get caught. later she told me that to cover her tracks she took another loan payment from another company to cover up the first missing payment, then a few months later she took yet another loan payment from yet another company to cover up the missing one from that one. Well she says this is where the story ends. Also this all took place in Arizona, though i dont think that matters.

    Now I told her she could be held liable for 3 crimes, stealing from 3 people even though she only beneffited from stealling from one. I told her that she beneffited from all three be cause the 2 subsequent miss-applicaiton of funds helped hide the fact of the first theft.

    She doesnt think its all that big a deal because its under $500 and she says its a misdemeanor, i told her that stealling from a bank is a federal crime and she could do time but she wont believe me. Can you clear this up for us?
  2. stormyt

    stormyt New Member

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    bank fraud upon the people

    Loan fraud will stop now. Read below and see what can be done. Mickey has done indepth research on why JFK was killed. He has spoken to Mrs Oswold, The lady in red, and others who were involved. So please read and stop the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM.

    There is no lawful authority for it. :eek:

    >1771 South Meadow Drive
    > Mechanicsburg, PA. 17055
    > Phone: (717) 903-3061
    >CITIZENS FOR MONEY REFORM (CMR) is a group of dedicated men and women from
    >across the Commonwealth, exposing the total corruption in government, the
    >judicial system, and ultimately, the banking system. Before we, the American people
    >can fix our problems; we must first identify exactly what the real problems
    >are. CITIZENS FOR MONEY REFORM (CMR) is proud to present its first in a series
    >of monthly seminars on Saturday the 29th (9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.) and Sunday
    >the 30th of January 2005 (9:00 to 1:00 P.M.) entitled, "Totally Corrupt: "THE
    >UNITED STATES BANKING SYSTEM." featuring Mr. Earl Koskella, a former California
    >banking foreclosure executive with over 15 years experience. Mr. Koskella will
    >expose from first hand knowledge the fraud, conversion, deception and other
    >immoral activities systematically being perpetrated upon us, the unsuspecting,
    >unknowing, citizenry. Mr. Koskella will not only expose the corrupt operations
    >of the fraudulent banking system but will explain how it negatively impacts
    >the American economic system; causing both you & your family great economic
    >hardships. Mr. Koskella will show you, EXACTLY WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!
    >1.) QUESTION: Do banks really loan any money from its deposits?
    >ANSWER: Most people assume that a bank lends the deposits of its customers,
    >2.) QUESTION: What did my local banker lend me? ANSWER: The real fact of the
    >matter is that the
    >Banker deposited your loan papers into the bank and then lent you the same
    >value of your asset (credit application, promissory note, mortgage note) by
    >simply depositing your asset and then lent you the same value of your loan papers.
    >Hear why Mr. Koskella calls that conversion shows you how to receive many
    >times what you paid him because of their activities.
    >3.) QUESTION: Can I use this administrative remedy against the bankers to
    >help me eliminate my debt
    >and force the bankers to repay me for all the damages, fraud, conversion and
    >even for foreclosing and/or even forcing me into bankruptcy? ANSWER: YES. Mr.
    >Koskella will show you his administrative remedy that could reward you many
    >times the amount of money paid to your personnel friendly local banker
    >masquerading as your good friendly neighbor.
    >Mickey Paoletta, a former 19th Congressional Candidate and author of "The
    >Federal Reserve, The Most Undemocratic Institution in America Today", and
    >researcher on the Federal Reserve Banking System will host the very important first
    >seminar at the following address: 1771 South Meadow Dr. Mechanicsburg, PA
    >17055. Call for reservations at 717-903-3061.
    >Donations are accepted. Lunch will be served on Saturday. If you are in
    >swimming in debt you can't afford to miss this seminar. Regular banking classes are
    >being scheduled weekly. Call today for more information.
    > Thanks,
    > Mickey Paoletta

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