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Statute of limitations for perjury & filing false police reports Justice System, Police, Courts

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by lcouch, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. lcouch

    lcouch Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Where can I find the Statute of Limitations for perjury in Texas? I have a major problem with my ex-husband who is an attorney (gratis the private college education my hard work paid for) and he and his new wife file all kinds of frivolous claims, including protective orders ex-parte, that I then have to get an attorney to fight and show that their claims are false and/or to retain custody. This has cost me a bundle and it also is affecting my sons. Need help desperately to shut this man down! (And this is just the minor stuff they've done!) Also, when CPS here in Texas had a finding of "serious physical abuse" against him, he appealed. CPS didn't notify us of the appeal until the ruling was overturned or I would have provided hospital and doctor's records for evidence. When I got the CPS appeal record, there was also written submissions by both these parties that were blatantly false. Since this was testimony before and evidence they presented to a state agency, would that be perjury too? Also, back in 1996, my ex-husband also claimed in a notorized affadavit that I was trying to blow up his house by creating gas leaks. He then filed this affadavit with the local police, who never investigated because it was so ridiculous. I found out about it because his attorney faxed it to my divorce attorney as ground for a restraining order. Can I do anything about this at this late date? I hadn't done anything previously because I didn't want him to lose his Bar license, but it has come to the point that action must be taken as I'm spending as much in legal fees as I'm getting in child support.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!


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