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Speeding Tickets, PFJ, Insurance North Carolina

Discussion in 'Speeding Tickets, Traffic & Moving Violations' started by cmichael, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. cmichael

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    Hello all, A couple weeks ago I received a letter from my insurance company telling me that my insurance was going to double. I had in years prior, received two speeding tickets but, I was under the assumption that I had received Prayer for Judgments but just found out I was incorrect. I am currently paying more than my car is worth per year on bare minimum insurance. I am planning to switch insurance companies but want to iron out the bumps first.

    On 6.22.07 and 1.20.09 I was pulled over for speeding. The tickets were issued for 62 in a 45 and 73 in a 55. Both times I went to the court house and talked with the assistant DA. The DA informed me that if I plead guilty they court system would reduce my speed to nine miles over and reduce my fine. Both tickets were dropped to nine over and I paid my fines and was on my way. This, I thought, was a PFJ.

    Today, I went to the criminal records department to obtain copies of my PFJ and was informed that I did not receive them, that if I did I would have to have asked the Judge specifically for them and that my speed was reduced in lieu of PFJ. The clerk then stated that he could not give legal advise but that there was a way to have these switched over to a PFJ after the fact, i.e. letter, form, etc.

    My reasoning for doing all this is to erase my insurance points thus reducing my insurance liability. Upon researching I came across this site which a couple users have stated that when tickets are reduced to 9 over that they do not convey any insurance points. Is this correct, and if so, why has my insurance been affected.

    Thanks for reading and any advice you may have.:D

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