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I Carol Russo, was a Victim of a Safe Deposit Box Robbery. At Wachovia Bank Waterbury, CT Wolcott St, Happened 12-11-2006 I went to get Police Statement & see Video. The Detective said I need a Lawyer I hired a Lawyer & paid him he never got Statement or Video. For over 2 years said, I have no Case, But my Court Docket Number is at 300 Grand St Superior Court. Docket UWY-CV-07-4013888 Please look at website & you will see Carol Russo V.S. Wachovia Bank & its Not Where I Fell Down!!!!!! Case can be reopened if Case has more Evidence thats where Police Video comes in showing the man went in 4 times. Lawyer fails to get the Video when he got a Court Order from the Judge Where is the Justice!!!!!!! Please Help!!!!!!!
I am afraid for my life because I am getting threatning phone calls constantly.I know it's because of the Safe Deposit Box Robbery most all of the phone calls are men saying Watch Your Back!!!!!! I called my Lawyer everyday to ask him if he recieved the Video from the Police Department. I asked my Lawyers Secretary if she has been giving my messages she said, she has been giving him the messages everyday but he refuses to call me back. It's been 2 years 2006-2008 that I hired this Lawyer to get the Police Statement and the Video. Why did I pay a Lawyer that has done nothing in 2 years. This Lawyer has done nothing but Destroy my Life I bought a car in California a 1976 Dodge Aspen Special Edition they do not make them anymore. I payed the man I bought the car from Ted Munoz every week faithfully 300 dollars Western Union and I payed the Storage Area to Above All Storage I called the storage man and said I would be 3 days late with payment he said, "No Problem." The man evidentally that I bought the car from got wind of it and went and stole my car out of the Storage Area the man from the storage area called and told me Ted Munoz stole my car. I called my Lawyer and told him he chose to believe the Detective over in California that I am going to go on a jet at 65 years old to California and take the car with no Keys, no Title, and no Registration and drive it back to Connecticut when I get lost just going to Naugatuck under a bridge I do not drive far. I gave my Lawyer all of the receipts from the car and storage I asked Lawyer to send back copies of all the reciepts and he never did I only owed 6 hundred dollars left on the car. So I lost the car and the 4,000 dollars plus the assets in my Safe Deposit Box. I have a Fixed Income again I am 65 years old I had a Tenant in my Basement Apartment that would not pay the rent I hired the same Lawyer Paul Bialobrzeski in 276 West Main St Waterbury CT, 06702 for all of these cases to have him evict the Tenants which was 140 dollars 1 hundred for my Lawyer and 40 for the Sheriff. I have always payed my Mortagage maybe a week or two late but I always payed the late charges. He told me it would take 7-10 days to have them evicted I rely on my rents and Social Security my Ex Son In Law, stays on the porch pays me rent and helps me out with the Bills. Then the Lawyer changed his mind and says, "I never said that," he said it would be 4-5 months to get them out knowing that it would be automatic Foreclosure. Once they move out he is going to find them and sue them he said. I called the Lawyer he said I can't Sue them because I do not know where they live so there goes 4,300 dollars. Now anyday my house will be Foreclosed leaving me with no Assets from the Safe Deposit Box Robbery and no Car and no House to live in lost most of my Teeth because I had no money for Dental what more is there to take except to be in a old lady's home or the gutter. This Lawyer took an oath to help and defend me and he did nothing in my defense when he had all of the proof Where Is The Justice, who will hear me this is so unbelieveable. Please somebody hear me I am at my Witts End there has to be somebody out there with a Human Heart I cannot believe that this is happening please log onto my website my mortagage company is Countrywide and Bank of America has just bought them out I claimed Hardship but I do not know if it will go threw because the Mortgage Company has changed. I heard come July 1, 2008 the Government is stepping in to help people with Foreclosure. I am so Stressed out I do not know who to go to for help stop my Foreclosure there is no more for me to say execept Help Help Help!!!!! My name is Carol Russo please leave a Reply with your name and phone # so that i can contact you.

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope that you can get some good advice. I'm interested to see what the lawyers say.

I would recommend that you format your post a little better, so that it is both easier to read and to follow. Give it a few more line breaks. I know that it's hard to do so when your so frustrated; however, it may help you get more/better responses.

I'm really curious Carolr about the person you bought the car from as I too am having problems with a TED MUNOZ! He reniged on an agreement to fly to Hawaii with my husband, the catch being that he would be carrying 2 of our pets & his son would be carrying 1. We paid in advance for this person to fly over, round trip (including hotel), and as of the last few days have been unable to contact him. He has flown the proverbial coop! I have every intention of taking him to small claims court once our pets are finally here but the gall of the man is indescribable. My heart goes out to you and I really believe that we are talking about the same guy because he sounds just like the loser/user you delt with. have you been able to finally get any closure with the predicament you were in? I will not sit by and let this loser take any more advantage of me I guarantee that. Not to say that you have but this sucker is going to get socked with a "small claims' suit. I'm confident about getting our money back as I have not only friends that witnessed the verbal exchange but I also have his ex-wife who was aware of the trip. What a skanky bastard. To bad he represents such a fine product if it is the same Ted Munoz. Good luck to you.
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