Sold truck still on my property


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I had sold a 2001 F350 on Craig's List to a guy for $500.00 a year ago. He paid me and once his check had cleared I signed over the title and mailed it to him. He acknowledged receiving it. The brake line was broke so he has to get a tow to his home. He still has not picked up the truck and although I got promise after promise that he was working on getting it towed the truck is still in my driveway. In the meantime he was able to store the truck all winter in my driveway at no cost. As it stands I have no means to get rid of it. I can't even donate it as he paid for it and I have no title. I am on social security so I don't have the money to reimburse him so I can donate it. I am out of patience as it is blocking my access to part of my property and because it isn't my truck anymore I want it out of here.
Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.