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Solar Company

Discussion in 'Consumer Law, Contracts, Warranties' started by Jason P, Jul 8, 2022.

  1. Jason P

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    I purchased a solar power system for my home in August 2021. I live in Mississippi. The system was sold to me with the understanding that, in the event of a power failure, the battery would power my entire home. I was also told that the installation would require one day and the battery installation would require an additional day. The system was financed for around $40,000.

    It is now July of 2022 and the system installation is still not complete. Weeks and sometimes months go by between the times that they come out to work on the installation. Every time they come to my home to work, I am told I have to be present. They also don't work on weekends which means I have to take off work every time they need to come out. Not only have I lost many many days of pay because of this, my employer is also not happy with the time I've had to miss. Also, my payments on the loan I took to finance they system were supposed to replace my power bill, but since the system isn't operational yet, I have been making both loan payments AND my full power bill payments. I can't afford to keep paying that.

    One day, an inspector for the county came out to see what the solar company had done so far. Upon inspection, he informed me that if the power did go out, the battery would not last as long as I was told it would, and not only that, it wouldn't power my AC at all. That's not what I was told. I was told it would run my entire home when the system was being sold to me.

    The state of Mississippi provides a 26% tax credit for getting a solar system on your home. I received part of that credit on this year's tax refund. I will receive the rest of the credit on next year's refund.

    I took off work again today because I emailed them to complain about them not communicating with me. They never contact me about anything. I'm convinced that if I never emailed them every couple of months they would forget I'm a customer and never come out. They assured me someone would be here at 11am and that I would need to be here. Well, I took off work and no one showed up. No one called me to say they would be late or they weren't coming or anything. I just took yet another day off work that I won't be getting paid for that will probably put more strain on me and my employer.

    Is there anything I can do? I just don't feel like they were being completely upfront with me when the system was being sold to me. For a system that was sold to me on saving me money it sure is costing me a lot in paying double power bills and lost wages at work. Shouldn't they have to do something like maybe pay for the power bills I'm paying that I shouldn't have to or pay for part of the system? Should they have to pay my lost wages since they told me they would only need 2 days at most to do the install?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. adjusterjack

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    Any remedies you might have depend on the terms and conditions of your contract. You financed $40,000. My guess is that the contractor sold the contract to a finance company and got his money. Whatever time he is not spending at your house he is spending at other people's houses convincing them to finance a $40,000 solar installation.

    I suggest that you take your contract to a business/contracts attorney and review your options.
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