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Smile and the world smiles with you!

Discussion in 'Lawyer Jokes, Stories' started by muggsyj, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. muggsyj

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    I don't make this stuff up!

    One day a lawyer comes to his untimely death and sadly makes his decent to his new address in Hell.
    When he arrives he is met by his personal porter a half man half goat with horns and a fork. He is met with great admiration . Hello sir, it say’s here you were a lawyer. “yes he replies” Well down here as you are a special visitor and will be allowed three choices of rooms to stay in.. “Great thanks” replies the lawyer.
    Let me show the first room, The lawyer looks inside and is shocked there are men and women being made to carry very heavy rocks to an underground Furness whilst being hit with cattle prods, this looks very tiring, painful and very hard work, he declines and is shown the next room.
    The door opens and he is even more shocked than the last room, there are men and women being tortured with burning rods and being whipped with hot chains. “No thank you, not for me that room”
    They arrive to the last room after a long walk, this seems to be nice and quiet no screaming can be heard. The door opens and there are people sitting around on benches and all that seems to be bad is they have there feet and ankles in crap! “This room looks fine, I will stay here” Good choice say’s his porter.
    He takes a seat next to a young lady and say’s “Umm not that bad in here” All of a sudden he hears a horn blow and a voice from a loud speaker it say’s “OK Coffee Break Over Back On Your Heads”:eek:

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Thread Status:
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