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So a little background . Before the video was started my coworker got into the wrong lyft,and was brought back to the original spot about a min later. He got into the lyft of this driver and all heck broke loose. He feels the cops didnt do anything at all. Vifeo stopped when he called the cops. Now yes hes mouthy but feels the driver tried assualting him and nothing was done. The cops didnt even want to see the video when they said the driver said my coworker threatened him. Was the ill tell you where you can stick really a threat, bwcause i personally dont think so. Video is uploades to youtube coworker sent me link.

Can he have the lyft driver arrested this happened less then 5 hours from posting
There is nothing in the Lyft driver's behavior that would even remotely suggest that he be subject to arrest.

What I do see is a moron who should have just gotten out of the car when ordered to and then kept his mouth shut instead of taunting the driver and making threatening movements.

I'll bet he gave the cops some attitude when they showed up.
If you're going to post about nonsense that happens to your friends you should at least learn how to spell and write. Your post is a lot of garbage.

Let your friend worry about his own problems.
It is likely this will go nowhere, but your buddy is free to contact law enforcement and report the incident. The police who initially responded were apparently inclined to deescalate the situation and send each person on their way, but if your friend insists they should receive the report.
The video does not show the taser but the sound of it being activated is distinguishable. Presenting the taser did not seem to be a reasonable self defense action in this situation.
Penal Code 244.5 addresses assault with a stun gun (taser). It is not necessary that the taser actually be used. It is a misdemeanor.
He could also report the driver to Lyft. They may have their own concerns about drivers pursuing passengers with a taser.
Of course, if you are not able to identify the driver at this point it may be a moot issue. Your buddy will have to decide if he is upset enough to pursue action or whether it is best to just move on and forget about it.