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Can anyone explain to me how this works. It's a long story that involves my partners dad.

Basically his dad passed away almost 12 years ago and there was some money left behind. Two family members in particular decided they wanted to invest the money (my partners dad and his sister, who happens to be a solicitor) so they invested there share of the money. However, this sister / solicitor also took money from work colleagues that was also put into the investment so in total there is around 5 investors .

Fast forward to 2020 and it's alleged (from what my partner tells me) that the investment is now worth a few million and all investors have decided to cash out.

My partners dad however was never named as one of the investors. He agreement / plan was seemingly that she will just share the money with him when she gets her share.

As of last month, she had told him that all paperwork / documents were sorted and that because the investors had offspring they were sharing the money with. They decided to bring in a peacemaker to share the money fairly among everyone the investors had named.

It was alleged it would take 3 days per person for each person to receive their share but 3 weeks later and there's no evidence of anyone at all receiving anything.

Because my partners dad left it to his sister / solicitor to take care of the investment. He only knows what she is telling him. They only communicate via phone as she lives in another part of the world but she has sent him a photo of a document which appears to be stamped by the organization they invested in and the document basically addresses the person in charge of the investment and states that there is difficulty in distributing the money to everyone in a timely fashion and they have decided to hold a meeting and discuss alternative options with regards the best way to distribute the money.

However the update after this alleged meeting was that everyone just needs to stay patient and wait but it's another week later and there is still no transfer?

Does anyone here know if the above sounds strange. Is this normal procedure etc If it was me i would be seeking legal advice but my partners dad trusts his sister and is remaining patient. Me and my partner however are extremely skeptical and beginning to wonder if he's somehow being conned?

I get that the from the time of transfer to when the money is actively available in his account may take time given the amount of money but surely just processing the transfer shouldn't take long?? Especially when it's alleged that all paperwork is sorted and an oath was sworn to state that the money isnt the proceeds of crime etc
These boards are for issues of U.S. law. I'm sure you can find message boards focused on UK law with a simple Google search.
These boards are for issues of U.S. law. I'm sure you can find message boards focused on UK law with a simple Google search.

Well the money is in US dollars apparently. The investment was in South America as that's where his sister lives. Not sure if that helps?
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