Serving an Inc - to whom?


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I'd like to send a demand letter to a corporation, but am not sure who should receive it. The corp has an agent for process (another corp).

A search on the CA sec of state webpage shows the following:

Street address of principal office in CA: (blank)
CEO: John Doe. Address in Florida.
Secretary: John Boe, PO Box address in CA.
Agent for process: ABC Agency, Inc.

I have an email transcript from a customer service representative that I believe helps my case. This person has been the main contact thus far.

(1) Who should get the demand letter? There is a CA contact, but only a PO Box.
(2) Who should receive process if I decide to file suit? The CEO is in Florida, which appears to complicate matters.

Thanks for your help!
California allows you to perform personal service on either the registered agent (the ABC agency) or on various officers of the company (including the president). It's almost always easiest to use the registered agent (especially if it's one of of these "in the registered agent" businesses). That's what they live for.

Note, that the service has to be performed by someone who is 18 years old or older that is NOT a party (i..e, NOT YOU) to the lawsuit.