Self Storage Forclosure on Personal Property Lien

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Self Storage Foreclosure on Personal Property Lien

I am very confused! I have been found web sites and read the laws on Federal Government and Washington State Laws for Self Storage Forclosure on Personal Property Lien Laws. There are so many statutes and laws that I feel like I am chasing my tail! I just want to find out if I may have a case before I proceed with contacting an attorney. Here are some facts and questions.
1. How many days before they can legally forclose and sell content of storage unit?
2. Is it abandonment if you spoke to them on the phone once a week?
3. I was on FMLA Leave for Disability from my job.
4. The contents was mostly my sons who is in the serving in the Military. Do I have any protection under the The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA), revised 1990,The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Storage liens?
5. The bought insurance from the storage company to cover approx. value of the content of $5,000.
6. I was told that the content was sold at Auction for $500 yet the approx. value was $5,000. Are there guidelines and rules reguarding "Auction Sales" that the Storage Company must abide by?
7. Can anyone just give me "The Bottom Line"?
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