Say "NO SPAM" to Michael E. Brown

Should politicians be able to telemarket campaign?

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  • No, don't need a bigger problem.

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Michael Wechsler

Staff member
Both at home and at the office, I received several pre-recorded soliciations for Michael E. Brown for City Council. Until some explanation is provided by Michael E. Brown's office, I should think that New Yorkers should NOT vote for this individual for city council. I signed up for New York's anti-telemarketing registration yet I received several calls at several different numbers. (see ) I wonder if this is considered "telemarketing" under the rules and will be reporting here as to the results of our investigation. This is yet another reason why telemarketing and spam needs to be regulated and we don't need politicians to be a part of the problem.

Reliable sources have reported that the name "Trevis Harris" at (646) 698-1370 appearing on Caller-ID boxes. There is no information given in the promotions of this individual except the request for your vote. We are interested in determining how many of you have received these calls and whether you think that this is a legitimate manner for those running for office to expose their name to the general public.

We are interested in hearing your opinion here on this matter. Let us know what you think.
I think the law applies only to people selling goods or services:

g. "Telemarketer" means any person who, for financial profit or commercial purposes in connection with telemarketing, makes telemarketing sales calls to a customer when the customer is in this state or any
person who directly controls or supervises the conduct of a telemarketer. For the purposes of this section, "commercial purposes" shall mean the sale or offer for sale of goods or services.

Even sales people cold calling to try to set up appointments or sales demonstrations seem to be exempt.

We got a lot of these automated calls last year during election season. I wonder how effective they are. Maybe more so than mail. I laughed when I picked up the voice messages one day to hear "Hi, this is Jimmy Carter ..." Wow, President Carter calling me! LOL!
Ah... this is true. Good point which I didn't review. Knee jerk reaction was that the private organization could be held liable as a telemarketer since the calls were made by a group furthering their own interests. Perhaps one could stretch the law to say that they are selling the services of a politician!
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