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I had a roommate who verbally agreed to pay $250 every two weeks for rent. This was a flat rate that included utilities. They were consistently was late with the rent and always had an excuse as to why they could only pay $40-$50 here and there. They left with no notice and took only part of their belongings. They acknowledged that they still owed $250. They have since given me $60 leaving a balance of $190. When I contacted them about the remaining balance, they informed me that they would pay it "when they were ready to pay it." Now they want to come and get the items they left behind. He has indicated that he really has no intention on paying the past due rent. Can I legally keep his property in lieu of the balance he owes me? The items doesn't exceed the amount owed. Our roommate agreement was verbal and had been going on for about 6 months. I live in Georgia. Do I have to give them access to the house to get the remaining items?
Do not hold the property. If the roommate returns for it and you refuse to return it, or if you have sold it or otherwise disposed of it, then YOU could be the one that is sued and owes damages.
If you want to be paid then either settle on an agreement or obtain a judgment in small claims.
For the very small amount that is due, it seems hardly worth the effort of court.
Check into your state laws regarding abandoned property in case the roommate does not come back for the property. Until you are certain you can take action with the property without consequence to yourself either leave it where it is or box it up and safely store it... but best to leave it sit.
Sue him in small claims for the money he owes. Do not hold his belongings! However as stated check your locals laws on abandoned property and then give notice to him to pick up items by certain date (in complaince with local laws) or items will be discarded again if in complaince with local laws
I had a roommate who was arrested and got a restraining order out on him because he refused to pay a months rent of $550.00 and has been gone for over a month almost two now. Now since he didn't pay his rent and all his stuff is still here we.had to move his stuff into the garage outside as directed by our landlord since we still had to rent the room out to make up for the loss. Now my question is how long does he have to come get his stuff before we can have it basically or can sell it to make up for the lost money he owed us?...
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