Roommate Has Took Off!

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I need some advice. My friend/Girl/Roomate has decided one day to move out of our apartment. No reason, no for warning, nothing. The day I found out she was moving, her bed was being carried out. We both are on the lease since we moved in last October. It is now May and I guess the landlord told me that she has not paid her half in 3 months. I was not aware of that. I called her, we got into it and basically she threatened to hurt me and my things.

She has absolutley nothing of hers in the apartment anymore and it has now been two weeks since she's slept there. I am trying to get the landlord to change the locks because she did not return the key. I am at work from 8:00am to 6:00pm. She has access to my apartment and my stuff. I told the landlord I would start paying her half until the lease is up but he wants back rent from her. To do that he said he can't remove her from the lease because if he does than I am liable for her unpaid back rent. Well, since he can't remove her from the lease, he says he can't change the lock. If she tries to come over and can't get in, she could call the police on him or I stating she is still on the lease. She has no reason to be there anymore. She has not 1 article of clothing there or no furniture. I am scared for myself and my things.

Isn' t there anything I can do. Can't I change the lock even if she can't be removed from the lease? Is my landlord pulling my chain? Also, if I can't get rid of her, than do I have to pay her half? :( :mad:

I do not believe that the landlord is correct with regard to the lease. She has breached the lease and the landlord could take action against her for nonpayment should he choose. However, both of you will be responsible for the full amount if one of you does not pay since you are both cosigners of the lease. If each of you had a separate lease, that would have generated a different outcome. My thought is that he wants to get full payment on the lease before he makes any major changes and expends money.

You may want to send your former roomate a written letter demanding payment. Additionally, it would be unwise not to report her threats to the police. A threat against your life can and shouldbe reported.
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