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returning to the US after 10 yrs. w. US child Naturalization, Citizenship

Discussion in 'Green Card, Residency, Naturalization' started by lorenz, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. lorenz

    lorenz Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My jurisdiction is: Austria

    Hello everybody - and thank you for this great forum!!!

    I have been searching this forum for the longest time now but I can't quite find the same problem that we ware having which is why I am posting a new thread, hoping that is ok...

    After living in the US for 10 yrs as a green card holder, I left the country with our child from previous marriage with a US citizen, on vacation at first. When we left the US it was for vacation only (I still had a house, my car, a job), but once back home I had to immediatly be operated on my knee, couldn't walk/work for almost 6 months and therefore extended our stay in europe.

    Then my grandmother got really sick, so I helped take care of her until she passed away last year.
    In the meantime I got a job, new apt. etc..

    My child and I have been living in europe for 9 yrs, now, but all this time eager to return home some day.
    My ex-partner gave his consent during that time for his child to live in europe with me and even payed child support all these years. He and the child have stayed in very close contact - lots of visits, phone calls, etc.

    Now the child (US citizen by birth) turns 17 and wants to go to the US to finish school and then got to college.

    BUT....my green card has long expired and I really don't want to stay behind without my child!!!!!
    I have contacted a lawyer already, payed a lot of money and all she could tell me was that I would have to wait til the child is 21 (living in the US), and sponores me to get another gc. And to hang on to my expired gc and not give it back to the ins.....? Or for my ex-husband to re-marry me, which is out of the question!

    Is this really the only option???? I also had another lawyer tell me to just go over there, get a job and pretend nothing ever happened....? ...!

    Can anybody help us? We don't really have any family left in europe and if I have to I would let my child go just to see it happy but it would just brake my heart in a million pieces not being able to be with my child!!!!

    Thanks for any advise you can give to us - God bless you*

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