Restraining order filed

lisa texas lass

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New Jersey
I went to police and was granted a restraining order againist a roommate i was renting a room to in a house that i own. Assault battery etc. He put locks on the room he has rented and left lights on. He is not allowed here and my court date is march 2 . if he goes to jail which im sure he will. My brain scrambled now after this incident, what and who gets his things out
When you are in court ask the judge to give you a writ of possession (so you can get into the room) and a court order allowing you to dispose of his belongings if the roommate's representative (not the roommate obviously) doesn't pick up the stuff within a reasonable amount of time (say 10 or 15 days).

If you cannot accomplish that in court that day you will have to follow the NJ statutes on tenants' abandoned property ( 2A:18-72 through 2A:18-82) at:

2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes :: Title 2A - ADMINISTRATION OF CIVIL AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE

As onerous as they may seem, if you don't get it exactly right you could end up paying your roommate a great deal of money for a claim for property.