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require court order to get gun back Weapons, Guns, Firearms

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by fritz123, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. fritz123

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    I was arrested on a unrelated misdemeanor chg in Palm beach Florida
    No charges were filed A no pros order was issued very quickly
    I have a concealed weapons permit when you are pulled over you are required to surrender your weapon.
    Weapon was taken for safe keeping again un related to case.
    When i attempted to retrieve my property I was told I had to file a court order to get my property back
    Why do I have to do anything to get weapon back if I am not convicted or even charged w/ a crime ?
    It cost me time and money to file the order
    Sheriff is claiming an arrest is a breach of the peace and if so you must have a court order to get a weapon back.
    How can they penalize you when you are aquitted of any wrong doing
    statue 790.08 sb sec 3 ( firearms)
    sheriff invokes 933.14 ( firearm sized during gambling raids ?)
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