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Rape and Hypnotism Sex Crimes, Sex Offenders

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by Bryan_Chong, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. Bryan_Chong

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    I have an interesting question about this subject. I "know someone" who has been sodomized while he has been hypnotised by people he worked with. When he was approached later, out of his hypnotic trance, and asked later if he was gay or would have sex with men, he quickly stated that he would never do such a thing. Now is hypnotism categorized as a "grooming" device for rape?

    My huge concern is that this happened a number of times at a work place by other employees on the clock. He seems very helpless about it, and I feel that something should be done. I want him to sue the company and place the violators in prison, but hypnotism, as I have read so far, is supposedly incapable of making some one commit a crime or do something immoral. Does this person have any case, and since it happened throughout the course of a year+ would he have a chance in pressing charges and finding justice? Would placing him under hypnosis by professional to help in a criminal investigation hold any weight in court since there is no solid evidence, other than what he may recall under hypnosis?

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