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Question About Rite Aid Scam

Discussion in 'Consumer Fraud & Scams' started by LegalGal79, May 17, 2016.

  1. LegalGal79

    LegalGal79 Law Topic Starter Guest

    i have been getting phone calls now for about five months from a rite aid in virginia, gunston plaza to be exact, and i live in maryland and have not had a prescription filled at a rite aid in years if not longer. I used to ignore the calls until I answered one day and theye said i had a refill ready to be picked up and it was definitely my name and birthdate they would not tell me the script but said i had been coming to pick up prescriptions monthly which is impossible. My mom was with me one day when they called and she finally got on and explained this person had to be a fraud that I do not live anywhere near Virginia and I do not even drive, and they said maybe there was another heather a. which it seems like there is or there is and there birthdate is close to mine but there is still someone getting scripts under my name and phone number but it is clearly not me they said they would take this person out of the system deny any more scripts to them and then take my phone number out of the system, my mom said that we would have a lawyer if this did not happen since then i have had at least four more calls at the same time every few weeks so they clearly did not do as they said, I am tired of the calls and I am worried someone else is using my name and info as I have had issues filing taxes because it says someone else has my social security number, i have yet to figure that one out but how do i stop this pharmacy from calling and possibly getting scripts in my name especially since they could be narcotics or anything and I would never know and it would go on my record. Since I have already threatened with a lawyer what should be my next step since they did not comply and remove my number from their system.
  2. LegalGal79

    LegalGal79 New Member

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    this is my thread if anyone is wondering
  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    You may have been the victim of identity theft which means that this is not a "Rite Aid scam." It's a crime against you by some known or unknown individual and getting a lawyer to do anything against Rite Aid will be a waste of money and do you no good.

    I suggest you google identity theft and start following all the advice about handling it.

    I suggest that the first item on your agenda should be reporting this to the Lorton Police Department or Fairfax County Sheriff, whichever handles the area, and have the issue investigated.
  4. cynthiag

    cynthiag Active Member

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    I'd definitely be worried about identity theft if I were you, particularly since you say you had issues filing your taxes because they said somebody else had your Social Security Number. If someone else is indeed using your identity, there are plenty of other things they may be doing that can end up causing a lot more & worse problems for you than just getting calls from a drugstore telling you they have a prescription in your name that you know isn't yours.
  5. Betty3

    Betty3 Super Moderator

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    Agree with the other responders. You need to take more action than just telling the pharmacy they have the wrong person. A lawyer will probably only tell you to do what you can find out yourself by doing a google search on identity theft. You might want to order right away copies of your credit reports.

    Good luck to you.

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