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I recently went to withdraw funds from my bank account to find out that I had a levy on my account from a child support judgement against me, but, I was never informed of any court hearing. I contacted csea in regards to case and was advised that was served in 8/00 to appear in court. Now I have two concerns :
1.) I was incarcerated from 4/97-11/01.
2.) They served papers at an old residence I had not lived at for 8 years prior to the notice.
My question is , do I have valid grounds for a dismissal due to improper service of notice?

The alleged child of mine's had to been born no later than 1993 as that was the last year,as well as, the only year I was in north carolina. When I take the paternity test and if found to be the father and I am liable for support since the day she was born or the day the order was entered in court in 2000 ?
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